Monday, September 18, 2017

Wien SCBWI September Meet: Coffee, writing and common love

from left to right: Paul Malone, Devon Brown,
Keith McGowan and Elary Wakfield

Our little clutch of writers managed to meet up in Cafe Prückel just as a brilliant storm was rolling in. The wonderful old style romantics of the little cafe meshed beautifully with the sound of the pattering rain outside. Inside, it was filled with the smell of fresh pastries, hot coffee and buzzing with banter from all over the world.

Our group has a wide range of talents, from published to first time novel writers. Myself and Devon Brown are pre-published, working hard toward seeing our first books go to print. Keith McGowan, who has two published books; The Witch's Guide to Cooking with Children and The Witch's Curse, will be an amazing resource for all of us. Our grand leader is Paul Malone, who holds a wealth of knowledge about publishing short stores in newspapers and magazines. We are trying to egg him in to his first novel. It’s working.

Surprisingly, the majority of us come from the New York and Boston area, except for Paul who is from Australia. Everyone seems to have come to the beautiful city of Vienna with two common goals: Love and writing. There can be nothing better than that.

We are still open to new members if you are in the area of Vienna. Please contact Paul at paul(dot)malone(at)chello(dot)at if interested. We’ll be having our next meeting on October 7th.

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