Thursday, March 5, 2015

Report from the NRW Scrawl Crawl

First Stop on the NorthRhine Westfalia (NRW) Scrawl Crawl: Düsseldorf

Laurel Decher and Jane Joo Park report from the NorthRhine Westfalia Scrawl Crawl. The first stop in our state-wide meet-up was Düsseldorf. Five writers and illustrators sipped ginger-peppermint-orange tea next to an indoor waterfall and talked shop. The café of the Stern Verlag bookstore was a great setting for sharing work and discussing how we might work together. 
Some themes: 

   Building a local community of artists/writers, 
   Operating a small business in Germany, 
   Finding  guidelines for working as a professional illustrator, 
   Finding agents for writers and illustrators,
   Writing more, better, faster.

We haven’t yet picked the next stop on the NRW Scrawl Crawl. We’re all interested in a sketching and scribbling visit to Bonn’s natural history museum, Museum Koenig, and the Bilderbuchmuseum [Picture Book Museum] in nearby Troisdorf.

Get inspired:
Writing & Illustrating blog. Both Laurel and I subscribe to this blog. There are many great blogs relevant to our industry out there, but since I only have time to really follow one, I've chosen this one. 

Picture book round up
Catherine Friess' is an SCBWI member. On her blog she reviews and recommends picture books.

Write more, write faster, write better:
This is the book that Laurel brought along for writing prompts. It is also a good source for inspiration.

Connect: find an agent
More about THE BOOK, an SCBWI member benefit. THE BOOK includes info on contracts and how to submit work for publication for writers or illustrators.

Another great resource is Writer's Digest if want to learn about getting published, are actively submitting, and want to publicize your work.

Start a business in Germany
Organisation which promotes startups. They offer workshops on taxes and insurance in Germany for the freelancer.

Explore: Upcoming destinations for the NRW Scrawl Crawl
The natural history museum in Bonn has an African savannah exhibit.  A rainforest exhibit is planned for 2016.

The picture book museum in Troisdorf. There are only 2 or 3 picture book museums in the world.

Sound interesting?
Want the NRW Scrawl Crawl to come to a city near you?
Let us know and we’ll keep in touch!

Happy writing and illustrating!

Laurel and Jane

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