Friday, August 29, 2014

Getting together at the SCBWI Summer BBQ

by Marcy Pusey

It was the morning of our SCBWI Germany / Austria annual grill out. I had a three hour drive ahead of me. I imagined myself trying to convince my children that this was going to be fun. Driving nearly seven hours to hang out with people you don’t know so your mom can “connect with her writer-self.” Sounds exciting, right?

“What in the world was I thinking?” I thought to myself. But then I remembered my last post. And my promise to be there. I gave you all of these really wonderful and true reasons to be there. Could I miss it?

My introverted self said, “Yes. You can just stay home, hiding in your room, pretending to write while really scouting Facebook to see if they are posting a live action feed on how much fun they are having without you.” *sigh*

Surprisingly enough, everyone was excited to get in the car and go hang with Mommy’s writing world. We arrived and were heartily welcomed.

My introversion-inspired nerves melted away at the beaming smiles of Jenny and Linda. At the familiar hugs of Maria and Catherine. At the encouragement to keep writing my story from Twyla. At the laughter and conversation with Pia and Laura and Sanne. Watching our families connect over food and art and cross-cultural living was the cherry on the top of a grand sundae.

I felt the word “home” whispered to my soul. Sharing a room with others impassioned by literature and art blows on the burning embers of excitement in my own heart. I feel it creep up my insides and begin to ooze out of my skin. It first shows up as a small smile… then wiggles up to a gleam in my eye… I’m sure it’s there because I saw it in all of you. That tell-tale sign that something in you is coming alive as well… I know that look. And it was all over our annual grill-out.

I missed some of the faces I’m used to seeing at these events. You. Yes, you. We missed you.

But don’t worry. There are other chances to join in the magic of artists and creative souls coming together.

September 19 - British Aisles Agent Party 

Okay, not all of those are in our region but one of my favorite consequences of the Europolitan Conference was the coming together of our European regions. I love how welcoming each region has been to members in other areas. This is especially helpful for folks like me who live closer to another region’s meeting place than our own. Take advantage of these open doors! I promise the other regional members are super nice. :)

Speaking of the Europolitan conference… keep your eyes peeled for our next one in March of 2015. You won’t want to miss it!

And maybe you’ll have to talk your introversion into signing up for an event with people you may not know well… but push through! Or maybe you’ll need to talk your extroversion down from the mountain and convince it that September is not that far away. Either way, we’re actually a lot of fun and really nice. And we usually have treats. Yummy treats.

You’ll be glad you came.

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